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Posted by Elisa

"Clothing swaps are becoming ever more popular as we all look for ways to save money, and stay stylish. Add in the possibilities for DIY modifications, and you can whip yourself up an entirely new wardrobe for practically nothing. It’s one thing to trade among friends, or your local community, but what if people from all over the planet could participate in a 24-7 swap party from the comfort of their homes?

DigNSwap.com aims to be a catalyst for online clothing, shoe, and accessory trading. You simply upload photos of stuff you want to swap, and indicate a few attributes such as size, color, brand and condition. Then, you “dig” through what others have to offer using convenient category and tag based searching. When you find something you like, you can bid on it with items in your stash. If your bid is accepted, then you ship the items to each other. Pretty neat, right?"


"I just scored a beautiful Moroccan leather purse in exchange for the last bag I had left of a design I got bored with making. I’m getting something that’s new to me, yet no money is being exchanged. It makes me think of a song by Bjork called “Declare Independence”, where she tells you to “start your own currency!”

read more about the problems with this idea in the entire article by Autumn Wiggins at Crafting a Green World

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Clothes swap for me is not a way out! I can't let my friend wear my old jeans for example, and my wife his wife's dress. It's ridiculous!

Agree, Carr! Everyone should have his own clothes to wear! It's a matter of personal space and dignity!

Clothes swap?? What a nonsense!

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